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Our new website is still in the early stages of construction, but we decided to go live anyway.

During the next couple of weeks you will be able to see how  a website transform from an empty framework into an interactive portal showcasing Amphibic Designs’ vision and abilities.

Contrary to what many believe building a website is not gathering some information, photos and images of a business and publishing it on the internet.  Building an effective online presence for you business entails a whole lot more.

Like most things in life building a website entails balance.  Aspects of visuals like  graphics, photos, images animation and video  (what we call eye candy) must be balance with other factors such as speed and usability.  Get the balance wrong and your web presence will be a failure and won’t provide you with a good return on investment.

A companies website should convey the company’s image and identity, communicate the value, products and services the company offer, provide the information the visitor and looking for a showcase what is on offer.  This need to be done in an effective user friendly way providing a good user experience to visitors.

But enough typing for now, we need to get this framework up and running…





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