Standard Website Terms, Conditions & Copyright

Standard Website Terms, Conditions & Copyright

Standard Terms, Conditions & Copyright for Websites Designed and Hosted By Amphic PTY LTD

Except if otherwise agreed to in writing websites designed and hosted Amphibic Pty Ltd is provided as a service and not as a separate product.

The backend code for this website and software are protected by copyright, trademarks and other intellectual property rights which are owned or controlled by Amphibic PTY Ltd or third parties who have granted Amphibic PTY Ltd licences to use the same.

Website designs, custom graphics, imaging, source code, designs and back end content management systems remain the property of and are under the copyright of Amphibic PTY Ltd, and may not be copied, resold, reused or transferred.

The intellectual property rights for all web design, graphic design and programming work that is carried out to host the website, including custom programming and design whether it be images, a desktop application, web page, entire web site, macro or form designed remains the property of Amphibic Pty Ltd.

Amphibic Pty Ltd has the right to re-use any part of the programming code or custom designs for other work in the future.

All original content and design elements provided by the client such as logos, text and other non-programming elements remain the property of the client but the right to use is passed to Amphibic Pty Ltd.

At a fee and on the sole discretion of Amphibic Pty Ltd a working copy of the website front-end and/or back-end may be created and provided to the client to reuse at another hosting provider, on condition that credit for items created by Amphibic Pty Ltd is given.  Such fee will be determined by Amphibic Pty Ltd on request.


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